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2018 NRLCEO Season Guide

The 2018 Season Guide is just the potion needed to dominate your private League on NRLCEO.

2018 marks the sixth year of producing ‘The Bible’ – we can’t believe it! What started off as a bit of office procrastination over the Christmas period has now blossomed into what you  see before you here – the ultimate asset for success in NRLCEO!

We have been busy this off-season scouring news articles, blogs and forums for any ‘gold’ that can be used in the draft. After all, knowledge is power and in purchasing this Guide, you have made the first step towards NRLCEO success!

With 50 pages jam packed with information and statistics, it is the only preparation tool needed prior to your NRLCEO draft on It also include exclusive insights on which players are best placed to score the latest scoring option – Triple Workhorses and Triple Metre Eaters.

As you will see, your NRLCEO Season Guide is jam packed with player and team information as well as tips from the gurus.  But NRLCEO revolves around one thing – numbers.  Every successful CEO peruses the stats and there is no doubt that they are the life blood of every fantasy fanatic.


Can’t get enough stats???

For the third year in a row we have put together the SUPER SPREADSHEET!

Stat porn in the form of a downloadable spreadsheet which contains the most important data. Unlike the guide which we are limited by space, it includes average minutes for all 520 players as well as the all important workhorse averages and Stats Per Minute Average (copyright Geoff Adams aka the Workhorse Watcher).


Just want the Season Guide on its own? $10 – Click buy now below:

Want the Season Guide AND the Super Spreadsheet? $15 – Click buy now below:

Our sales are made through which uses the PayPal portal. If you do not have a PayPal account please get in touch via [email protected] or NRLCEO on Facebook to arrange for a direct bank transfer.


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