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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about NRLCEO.

NRLCEO has been running privately since 1999 with competitions opened up to the public in 2009.For the past decade, the NRLCEO team has developed and evolved its ideas to the stage at which you see today. Over 2,000 teams now play NRLCEO powered by TheBench and below is a screenshot of the team selection page.

If you want to read about the history of the site, check out this blog written about the original NRLCEO competition.




We’ve come along way too! From pretty basic self taught web development backgrounds and many hours hacking away, the site used to look as basic as this!


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We’re along way from those old days now though. We have a dedicated developer (in between a day job and raising three kids) and now cater for hundreds of competitions on a fully mobile responsive website with an iPhone application.

The NRLCEO rules and regulations are listed on the site and we hope you experience the same level of enjoyment that NRLCEO has given us over the past decade.


What is NRLCEO?

NRLCEO is a fantasy rugby league draft game played against a number of other franchises, coached by your mates (private) or members of the public.

It is based on real life scores with a player’s performance in the NRL influencing how an NRLCEO team performs each week. NRLCEO runs like the NRL in that each franchise plays head to head against another team with the winner each round being rewarded with two premiership points. Each real life player can only be picked for one NRLCEO franchise so once he is selected, that franchise has exclusive rights to him until he is cut or traded from that franchise.

Example: Valentine Holmes is picked up by a team in the recruitment draft, meaning no other team can draft him unless he is cut or traded by that team.



This website has nothing to do with the NRL CEO Todd Greenberg.

NRLCEO is NOT affiliated with the National Rugby League (NRL), the Australian Rugby League (ARL) or any of the NRL clubs. The website is not endorsed by the NRL, the ARL or any of the NRL clubs.

NRLCEO is a public website accessed by a great number of public users. While NRLCEO makes every effort to monitor the website, opinions expressed within the website are not the opinions of NRLCEO and the site owners or management. NRLCEO accepts no responsibility for the opinions of public users.