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General Questions

How much does it cost to play NRLCEO?

There are two versions of NRLCEO.

There are FREE competitions with the basic default settings used.

For those who want the complete NRLCEO experience, the most customisable version of our game is to create a League.  Creating a custom League will cost each competing club $10 each.  Competition Admins are able to customise field positions, customise scoring rules, employ rolling lockouts, create a custom draft order, manually override results, enjoy inter-league banter and download stats and reports.

Can we change the scoring options for our competition once the season has started?

YES.  However, it is a good idea to consult other coaches in the competition via the sledge page before the scoring options are changed.  Different scoring options could potentially effect other coach’s recruitment strategies so a change in scoring options after recruitment is not advised.

Can we start a competition after round 1 of the NRL?

YES.  NRLCEO competitions can be customised to run for any length of time.  The only limiting factor is that the final week that NRLCEO will run is always the final regular season round of the NRL.  NRLCEO does not operate during the NRL finals.

Can I have uneven number in my competition?

TECHNICALLY NO.  If you have an uneven number of teams in your competition, a computer team will be entered in your competition and draft automatically. The computer team is called “Dexta” so don’t get worried if this little guy joins your competition. He is automatically taken out of your competition when you have an even number of teams again and he’s also an easy beat “bye round” if you leave him there.

An NRL club has named a new player in their squad this week and he is not available on the player list. When will he be available to recruit?

NRLCEO tries as hard as possible to keep the player list up to date.  New players are added to the list as soon as they are named for an NRL team.  This generally takes place when the teams are named on Tuesday. In extreme cases where a player randomly plays for a team without being previously named OR a new player is rumoured to be joining a club from the ESL or Rugby Union, NRLCEO will notify coaches as to when that player will be added to the player list.  This is to ensure that all coaches have the same opportunity to recruit that player.

A player in my team did not receive a score from a line break (or anything else) while shows that he did.

We get our stats from Champion Data. You can follow the scores live on their Match Centre.

NRLCEO scores are not finalised until Tuesday at which stage an email will be sent to all coaches.  If a coach feels that their player/s have not been awarded with the right score, an email to [email protected] will be met with a prompt reply. We cannot change scores after Tuesday midday.

Does a player’s game during State of Origin or Test matches count towards my team total for the week?

NO. At this stage, scores from NRL matches only influence NRLCEO.  This is a hot topic with NRLCEO coach’s and we are happy to discuss any thoughts on the matter.

Does NRLCEO run during the NRL finals?

NO. The last week of NRLCEO is the final round of the NRL regular season.

Can backs score Workhorse Tries?

YES & NO.  Backs will be able to score a workhorse try should your competition admin choose to include the scoring option. The default is set to not allow backs to score workhorses, but your competition admin can change this.

When are scores updated for the round?

Scores are updates regularly throughout the weekend but the scores will not be final until Tuesday at approximately noon, AEST.

I have an idea or feedback for NRLCEO.

TELL US!  We are open to feedback and encourage email contact.  A response will be promptly returned.  The NRLCEO team can be directly contacted via the email address:  [email protected]

Why is NRLCEO better than the other Fantasy Sites?

NRLCEO allows the user to fully customise their own competition.  Competition size, Player position limits, Recruitment Method and Scoring Method are just a few of the many variables that can customised when creating a competition.

NRLCEO is also unique in that once an NRL player is recruited, that team has exclusive rights to that player until they are traded or dropped.

NRLCEO has a recruitment method to suit any user or competition.  It suits both Live Drafting or Offline Drafting if you want to enjoy a night at the pub with your mates whilst drafting.

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