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Friday June 16, 2017

Rabbitohs 36 vs Titans 20

Rabbitohs (36)

Tries: A. Crichton(3), A. Johnston (2), C. Walker, B. Goodwin
Goals: A. Reynolds (4/7)
Field Goals: Nil
Workhorses: A. Crichton, T. Fuimaono
Metre Eaters: J. Sutton, A. Crichton (2), Z. Musgrove
Try Assists: R. Farah (2), C. Walker, J. Sutton (2), A. Reynolds, T. Burgess
Line Breaks: A. Crichton (3), A. Johnston (2), J. Sutton, C. Walker, B. Burns, R. Farah, B. Goodwin
Line Break Assists: R. Farah (3), C. Walker, H. Hunt, J. Sutton(2), A. Reynolds, J. Clark, T. Burgess
40/20s: Nil
Sin Bins: Nil
Send Offs: Nil

Titans (20)

Tries: P. Politoni, K. Proctor, J. Greenwood
Goals: A. Taylor (4/4)
Field Goals: Nil
Workhorses: P. Politoni
Metre Eaters: K. Hurrell
Try Assists: N. Peteru, P. Politoni
Line Breaks: P. Politoni, J. Greenwood
Line Break Assists: N. Peteru
40/20s: Nil
Sin Bins: Nil
Send Offs: Nil


Saturday June 17, 2017

Storm vs Cowboys

Storm (23)

Tries: C. Scott (2), B. Smith, F. Kaufusi
Goals: C. Munster (3/4)
Field Goals: B. Croft
Workhorses: T. Harris (2), J. Bromwich (2)
Metre Eaters: C. Munster, J. Bromwich
Try Assists: C. Munster, F. Kaufusi
Line Breaks: F. Kaufusi (2), C. Scott, B. Croft, B. Smith
Line Break Assists: C. Munster, B. Croft, B. Smith, J. Bromwich
40/20s: Nil
Sin Bins: Nil
Send Offs: Nil

Cowboys (22)

Tries: K. Feldt, L. Coote, K. Linnett
Goals: K. Feldt (5/6)
Field Goals: Nil
Workhorses: S. Bolton, J. Taumalolo. E. Lowe
Metre Eaters: J. Taumalolo (2), S. Bolton, E. Lowe
Try Assists: J. O’Neill, J. Granville, R. Thompson
Line Breaks: J. O’Neill, J. Bowen, K. Linnett
Line Break Assists: K. Laybutt, R. Thompson
40/20s: Nil
Sin Bins: Nil
Send Offs: Nil


Sharks vs Tigers


Tries: K Capewell (2), C Townsend, E Lee, J Bukuya

Goals: C Townsend (2/5)
Field Goals: TBA
Workhorses: J Brailey, P Gallen, J Bukuya, M Prior
Metre Eaters: R Leutele, K Capewell (2), J Bukuya, S Feki, E Lee, P Gallen
Try Assists: E Lee, S Feki, J Paulo, K Capewell, D Mortimer
Line Breaks: E Lee (2), K Capewell (3), G Beale, J Bukuya, S Feki, R Leutele, Nu Brown, L Lewis
Line Break Assists: C Townsend (2), E Lee (2), P Gallen, Nu Brown, J Paulo (2), K Capewell, J Bukuya, D Mortimer
40/20s: TBA
Sin Bins: TBA
Send Offs: TBA


Tries: E Taylor, E Masters, J Liddle, M Watene- Zelezniak
Goals: T Lolohea (3/4)
Field Goals: TBA
Workhorses: E Taylor, A Seumanufagai
Metre Eaters: M Suli, A Seumanufagai, K Naiquama, M Watene Zelezniak, D Nofoaluma
Try Assists: K Naiquama
Line Breaks: E Taylor, E Masters, J Liddle, M Watene-Zelezniak
Line Break Assists: K Naiquama
40/20s: TBA
Sin Bins: A Seumanufagai

Send Offs: TBA

Sunday June 18, 2017

Eels vs Dragons

Eels (24)

Tries: C.Gutherson (2), M.Jennings, B.French
Goals: C.Gutherson (3), M.Moses
Field Goals: Nil
Workhorses: N.Brown, K.Edwards, M.Mau
Metre Eaters: C.Gutherson, N.Brown, S.Radradra, M.Mau
Try Assists: M.Moses
Line Breaks: C.Gutherson
Line Break Assists:
40/20s: Nil
Sin Bins: Nil
Send Offs: Nil

Dragons (10)

Tries: N.Macdonald, P.Vaughan
Goals: G.Widdop
Field Goals: Nil
Workhorses: T.Sims, J.De Belin, C.Mcinnes, P.Vaughan
Metre Eaters: T.Lafai, K.Mann, N.Macdonald
Try Assists: J.Nightingale
Line Breaks: T.Lafai, P.Vaughan, N.Macdonald, P.Vaughan, K.Faifailoa
Line Break Assists: J.Nightingale (3), T.Lafai
40/20s: Nil
Sin Bins: Nil
Send Offs: Nil

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