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Preseason Injury Round-up #2

Our resident rugby league injury expert, the NRL Physio is back with a wrap-up of the injuries and recoveries in the NRL preseason.


Johnathan Thurston

The Cowboys co-captain ticked the final box in his rehabilitation from a shoulder reconstruction seven months ago and is back into full contact training. He completed it well and therefore should be fine for trials and Round 1.


Shaun Johnson

SJ has had surgery to remove benign growth (pterygium) on the white of his eye. It is common in athletes who spend a lot of time in the sun and if left for long enough without treatment can impact on vision. Recovery is usually less than a week. Johnson will be in no danger of missing NRL games.


Josh Hodgson

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Luke Keary

Keary has had surgery to insert a plate due to a broken jaw suffered at training. Majority require 4-6 weeks recovery, but worst case if the jaw badly broken/multiple fracture sites can be 10-12 weeks. There are only five weeks until Round 1 of the NRL so he is racing the clock.


Adam Reynolds

The Rabbitohs kicker is in a boot as a precaution to help settle plantar fasciitis (inflammation of connective tissue in arch of foot/underneath heel). He should start running soon but unfortunately plantar fasciitis can commonly linger for weeks/months, but is mostly a pain tolerance issue.

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Kevin Proctor

Proctor suffered a blow to his throat in training last week. He will be avoiding contact work until next week at the earliest. Sounds like there is no fracture like Rory Kostjasyn, so he should be at no risk of missing NRL games


Chris McQueen

The new Tigers recruit is no longer suffering neurological symptoms such as numbness or tingling and has been given the all clear from his surgeon after disc replacement/fusion surgery. He will build up to full contact in coming weeks, which is great to hear after such a significant surgery.


Mitch Aubusson and the Roosters

The Roosters squad is on high alert after Mitch Aubusson and one staff member contracted mumps which is a viral infection of the glands that produce saliva. It is highly contagious and spreads though coughing, sneezing and germs. The mumps virus can lay dormant up to three weeks before symptoms and two weeks after.


Tautau Moga

The former Broncos is another who is back to full contact training after a shoulder reconstruction four months ago. He is said to be ahead of schedule and may even play in a trial game for the Knights. He will be ok for Round 1.


Sandor Earl


As always if you have any questions, throw a comment down below or hit me up on Twitter @nrlphysio or Facebook.

The opinions given by the author of this article are given by a qualified physiotherapist, HOWEVER they are based on the information available to the author at the time of publication; are general; and are not based on any formal physical assessment and/or diagnosis by the author. If you believe you may be suffering from an injury similar to one commented on by the author, do not rely on the author’s advice as it may not apply to you – see a qualified physiotherapist for a full assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan.

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