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Top 25 players of 2016

A few drafts have already kicked off but for many of you the best part of the year is still to come. So in the meantime many of you are starting to do your research and plan which guys you are going to target in your drafts.

So where is the best place to start (apart from our 2017 Season Guide of course!)? The tried and trusted of course! So we have listed the top 25 NRLCEO point scorers from last year for your viewing pleasure. Of course we have even more detailed week by week scoring breakdowns on each of the player profiles on too.

We’ve also included a position rank for the first time ever too. This will help to show you

So onto the players. Let’s take a look at the top scoring players from 2016.


Rank Player Score Position Rank
1 James Graham 176 FR1
2 Ryan James 170 FR2
3 Sam Burgess 166 BR1
4 Anthony Milford 149 FE1
5 Jordan Rapana 149 WG1
6 Cameron Smith 142 HK1
7 Aiden Tolman 140 FR3
8 Tom Trbojevic 138 FB1
9 Ethan Lowe 135 BR2
10 Elliot Whitehead 134 BR3
11 Trent Merrin 134 BR4
12 Tohu Harris 133 BR5
13 Mitch Rein 132 HK2
14 Jarrod Croker 130 CE1
15 Jake Friend 130 HK3
16 Jake Trbojevic 128 BR6
17 Josh Hodgson 128 HK4
18 Joseph Leilua 127 CE2
19 Bryce Cartwright 125 BR7, FE7
20 Josh Mansour 124 WG2
21 Paul Gallen 124 BR8
22 Cooper Cronk 123 HB1
23 James Tedesco 123 FB2
24 Andrew Fifita 121 FR4
25 Valentine Holmes 120 FB3, WG3


Want more stats? Download our 2017 NRLCEO Season Guide which includes a list of the Top 100 players overall and all the 2014-2016 stats from each squad’s Top 25.

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